The social history of shoes

For anyone with an interest in the social and cultural history of fashion and footwear this course will cover issues such as masculinity and femininity, social class, technology, aesthetics, design, moral panics, sub cultures and pop culture.

Course Outline

1.  When did footwear become fashionable?

2. The politics of the female foot

3. The fashionable male

4. Sports, bootboys, brothel creepers and sub culture and rebellion

5. The shoe designer as artist - reviewing the work of the most famous shoe designers

6. Contemporary cult of the shoe (or why we all love shoes)

Course Tutor

Marie Brennan is  your course tutor.  Marie is a partner in Equipage and has also taught design and cultural studies at Arts University Bournemouth, Griffith College, De Montfort University, York College of Art and Design, Newcasle Northumbria University and Sunderland University.  She holds a degree in History of Modern Art, Design and Film and an MA in Creative and Media Enterprises.

Course Costs

€100 for the entire course - including refreshments

Course Calendar

The course will run from 18.45 to 21.00 each Thursday from the 19th February until the 26th March -  You can book a place on this course from the 25th October 2014